6 and half pounds of bass

Fox Lake Fishing Report – 5/27/2020

Snot Grass (filamentous algae)

Big Green Lake Fishing Report, 4/26/2020 – Here Comes the Snot

Largemouth bass choked this spinnerbait along rocks in springtime

Consistent Shoreline Bass Fishing Pattern for Springtime Bass

Walleye from the Fox River

Early Spring Fishing for Walleye in Green Bay & The Fox River

Big Green Lake - Navionics

Big Green Lake Fishing Report, 4/11/2020 – Scouting and Waypoint Tips & Tricks

How to Fish a Jig for Bass

How to Fish a Bass Jig for Bass

2ice out 4 lb 51 oz smallmouth on a blade bait

Big Green Lake Fishing Report, 4/3/2020 – Ice Out Bass Fishing

How to Catch More Bass on Soft Plastics (Underwater Footage)

How to Catch More Bass on Soft Plastic Worms (Underwater Footage)

Storage for bass jigs and chatterbaits

The Best Tackle Storage Option for Bass Jigs & Chatterbaits

BONUS TIP - Write the dive depth of the crankbait in permanent marker under the lip.  Makes it very easy to find the bait the dives to the correct depth.

Crankbait Storage & Annual Maintenance Tips

Brisk morning on Gogebic

Chasing Monster Perch on Lake Gogebic