Big Green Fishing Report 6/16/2021

Big Green Lake - Navionics


  • Water Color/Visibility: 5′ visibility
  • Water Temp: 78 degree surface temps
  • Weather: We were into 11 days of hot stable weather. Upper 80’s, moderate (8-10 mph) wind. Mostly sunny.

Good weeds everywhere. We focused on the 4′ to 10′ range.  We started the day going back to basics chasing bluegill.  As the day wore on we saw schools of big smallmouth bass around the outside edge of docks… but could never get them interested in anything… even a weightless wacky rigged senko.  

Vincent Wondra

Obsessed with fishing since a child. Vince loves to share his knowledge of the sport, while helping encourage selective harvest and protection of the resource. He shares fishing reports, tips, tricks, and more during his never ending quest to be a better fisherman. PRACTICE CPR: Catch. Picture. Release.