Fishnetics Ice Fishing League event in 2018
Fishnetics Ice Fishing League event in 2018

*2022 Update - Not running the Fishnetics Ice Fishing League in 2022. (time commitments) 

Started in 2018 we run the Fishnetics Ice Fishing League.  This started as casual league is for members of the Fishnetics Facebook group.  We want to keep things social, competitive, and fun. This will be a good way to get to know fellow fisherman, make new friends, and maybe win bragging rights and a few dollars (to spend on more fishing equipment!)


IMPORTANT - If a body of water doesn't have a consistent 6"+ of ice (ATV/Snowmobile safe) and official event will NOT run.

We will try to hold at least 1 to 2 events a month at a different lakes in Wisconsin. Two fish species will be chosen and announced prior to the event. Registration and fishing starts at the time listed in the event. You do not need to be there at the start of the event. You can register and pay your entry fee when you get there... you just won't have as much time to fish. No entry fees will be allowed after 8:00 AM the day of the event. No more than 99 people total may participate (any larger and we need a permit).

Measuring an 8 1/4" bluegill during a Fishnetics Ice Fishing League event

Measuring an 8 1/4" bluegill during a Fishnetics Ice Fishing League event

The Golden Rules

  • Remember this is to be casual and fun.
  • Anyone caught cheating or being an all around asshole will be asked to leave, be kicked from the Facebook group and will forfeit any winnings.
  • Clean up after yourself. Don't litter on the ice and leave the lake and landings as clean, if not cleaner than you found them. 
  • All Wisconsin fishing rules and regulations apply.
  • Live bait and artificial lures are allowed per Wisconsin DNR Regulations (unless specified otherwise for the individual event)   
  • Socialize and get to know the other league members
  • 7 AM to 2 PM the day of the event. 

The Cost

  • Adults: $20 each event
  • Kids: $5 each event


Fish will be judged by length (not weight) and must be measured with an approved bump board. 

  1. A picture of the fish must be taken with your (or another members smartphone) with it's nose against the bump board and the full fish must be visible along the bump board (ex. no covering part of the fish with a hand). 
  2. The picture of the fish should then be posted to the Facebook group in that event's thread along with the measurement so everyone can see the fish to beat.
  3. If you are posting for a member who doesn't have internet on the lake we are fishing, please post their name. 
  4. Please only post if your fish is tied with or larger than the currently biggest one in as posted on Facebook. We only need to keep track of the current biggest.
  5. Min size limits, by species
    • Northern Pike - 26"
    • Walleye - 14"
    • Panfish
      • Bluegill/Sunfish - 6"
      • Perch - 8"
      • Crappie - 10"
    • Lake minimum size by DNR rules. (example:  Fox Lake, WI pike must be 32" or larger)


  • Fish do not have to be kept and may be released after their entry is submitted.  
  • If a fish is caught and does not meet Wisconsin DNR regulations, they can still be measured, but MUST be measured and returned to the water immediately un-harmed.  If the fish does not meet Wisconsin DNR requirements is measured for the Fishnetics Ice Fishing League, and then dies or is severely injured (ex gaffing, damaging the gills while removing the hook, etc) , that fish will be voided.

The Prizes

The adult & kid entry fees will be split 50% between the two fish species.  Longest fish in each category wins the pot! So up to 4 winners per week (2 adults, 2 kids).  You must be present at the end to win. We are not going to mail out or hold onto winnings. In the event of a tie, the winnings will be shared.

In the event there is no winner of a given category (ex no one lands a pike), then the pot for that week rolls over into the next week. In the event there is no winner in the final event of the year, the winnings will be used drinks/food to be shared at a year end event (TBD) or donated towards a fishing related cause as voted on by the Fishnetics Facebook community.

The Events

They will be posted in the Events section of our the Fishnetics Facebook page

Winning crappie

Winner winner, chicken dinner!