Fox Lake Fishing Report – July 29th, 2020

Fishnetics - Fishing Report


  • Water clarity: 6″ (if that)
  • Water color: green
  • Water temp: 80 to 85
  • Wind: from west 5 MPH

Still a distinct lack of weeds on the lake

Almost no weeds in the shallows.  None by docks except for by Pike point. No fish by the docks either. Never saw any fish on the electronics either. Fished a long stretch of docks with zero bites. No signs of life anywhere for any species

Some some weeds (mainly sea gress) around the east & south sides of Elmwood island and Brushwood island. Found signs of fish and minnows. Didn’t get a bite.

Found weeds just starting to come return far back in the Government.  Beautiful patches of healthy coontail and seagrass.  Hard to see.  Have to idle a ways back past the no-wake zone. Can barely see them due to water clarity.  Gotta look for darker patches or the tops of the weeds that are just starting to come to the surface. The further back towards the main feeder creek the better the weeds go. Will be AMAZING in a week or so. Should have a mat by the feeder creek entrance.  Saw a ton of life. Shawn had a few hits on a swim jig but no hookups

No weeds by the creek by Sawyer island (SE corner)

Good weeds and pads back in the Jug. We caught 3 on frogs and missed 3 others in 1 hr of fishing. All 3 I caught,  absolutely choked the frog. So far in their mouth I couldn’t see them.  Sadly they were 16″, 17″, and 17 1/2″ so nothing to weigh during league.

Vincent Wondra

Obsessed with fishing since a child. Vince loves to share his knowledge of the sport, while helping encourage selective harvest and protection of the resource. He shares fishing reports, tips, tricks, and more during his never ending quest to be a better fisherman. PRACTICE CPR: Catch. Picture. Release.
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