Consistent Shoreline Bass Fishing Pattern for Springtime Bass

Largemouth bass choked this spinnerbait along rocks in springtime

During spring increase your odds with this consistent springtime bass pattern using spinnerbaits. Chatterbaits and shallow diving squarebill crankbaits also work well. This time of year the bass are looking for the warmest water and are looking to feed up in anticipation of the spawn.

Find south facing shorelines that have a lot of rock or riprap, and cast your spinnerbait right along the shoreline, parallel to it. The rocks hold the heat of the sun better that anything. Got a concrete wall instead? Perfect! Those are heat magnets. The bass hang out either tucked into the rocks or just deep enough that you cannot see them. By casting right along the shoreline, your bait will stay in the strikezone longer and increase your odds of a fish. Give it 2 or 3 casts down the shoreline in either direction, then move down the shoreline a cast distance away and repeat.


Vincent Wondra

Vincent Wondra

Obsessed with fishing since a child. Vince loves to share his knowledge of the sport, while helping encourage selective harvest and protection of the resource. He shares fishing reports, tips, tricks, and more during his never ending quest to be a better fisherman. PRACTICE CPR: Catch. Picture. Release.