Fishnetics & FishUSA Team Up

Fishnetics partners with FishUSA

I’m pleased to announce that Fishnetics and FishUSA are teaming up.  Fish USA is a privately USA owned, leading online retailer of fishing tackle based out of Fairview, Pennsylvania.  They offer everything you need for both open water fishing, ice fishing, boating supplies, kayak fishing and more at competitive rates.   

A few weeks ago we started talking to them and shared with them the future vision of Fishnetics.  They like what we have been doing and are even more excited about what we have planned for the future (to be announced shortly) and asked to partner with us.

Any purchases of items you make from FishUSA via a banner ad or hyperlink on (or related properties) will help us to earn a small percentage of that sale. This will help to provide a revenue stream to keep Fishnetics going, keep our ice fishing league going, and to foremost grow the site and the Fishnetics community for years to come.  

FishUSA holds flash sales of 20% or more off huge categories of products almost daily!

Vincent Wondra

Vincent Wondra

Obsessed with bass fishing since a child. Vince loves to share his knowledge of the sport, while helping encourage selective harvest and protection of the resource. He shares fishing reports, tips, tricks, and more during his never ending quest to be a better fisherman. PRACTICE CPR: Catch. Picture. Release.
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